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Starting a new Linux embedded project can be a difficult and daunting prospect even for experienced developers. The myriad of ways to create a cross compiled image for the target platform that both fulfills the needs of the project at inception and continues as the project matures beyond the initial release can and most often results in unstructured and poorly maintained code base.

BSDtec has developed a powerful concept whereby a self contained SDK, namely OKA, has been developed. Its primary design goal was to give a significant launch platform to customers who wished to begin rapid development of the features for their chosen Linux platform that would actually “sell” the product and not waste time on what can be very complex infrastructure development.

The BSDtec OKA SDK offers an out of the box Linux skeleton infrastructure that is both intuitive and easily maintained by all developers. It also contains proprietary directories where product specific applications, middleware and device drivers can be developed and tested using the supplied unit test framework. It delivers a working Linux distribution for your target hardware that can be built upon following the intuitive and fast development methodology that the SDK encourages.


  • Standalone Environment
  • Custom Make System
  • Multiple build architectures
  • Multiple tool chain configuration
  • Intuitive Directory Structure
    • Distfiles
    • Etc
    • Output
    • Ports
    • Proprietary
    • Tool chains
  • Target specific u-boot and Linux
  • Release or Debug file systems
  • UBIF, JFFS2, EXT3 images
  • Built in unit test framework
  • Built in document generation

* The SDK can also be customised to meet your project specifications and support can be provided. For more information about the development please contact us